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Snakefoot Hardcover Book
Robert G. Wehle has line bred, developed and trained the premier shooting dogs in the country since 1938. Pointers from his famous Elhew Kennels are sought after by discriminating hunters, field trials, and dog breeders the world over. In Snakefoot: The Making of a Champion, Wehle not only chronicles the step-by-step development of National Champion Elhew Snakefoot, but outlines his now famous breeding program and shares his successful stress-free techniques of training that have produced so many generations of fine shooting dogs and national field trial champions. (Hardcover)
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Sound Beginnings DVD
Jackie Mertens is one of the most successful amateur retriever trainers ane breeders in North America. She has trained and titled numerous FC/AFC retrievers. Jackie is a six time finalist at the National Open and National Amatuer Championships. She won the National Amateur with her NAFC FC Topbrass Cotton who also is the all time high point golden retriever in Field Trial history. Jackie's retriever puppy training video starts with a 7 week old pup through 8 months old. It covers many topics such as puppy socialization, obedience training and introduction to field work. This 80 minute program is recommended by top breeders and trainers worldwide.
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The 10 Minute Retriever Book
The 10-Minute Retriever reflects the authors? belief that daily ten-minute training sessions best suit a retriever?s attention span and lead to rapid learning. This book is easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet deeply informative for the serious student of retriever training. The text has the information most needed by the owner of a pet retriever: how to make it reliably obedient and well-mannered. It also has the information for which amateur retriever trainers are clamoring: how to force fetch, how to set up tests in the field, and how to use an electric collar humanely and effectively. The emphasis of their training method is on obtaining necessary control and good manners while maximizing the dog?s enthusiasm for its work by establishing training situations where the dog desires to cooperate. Primary importance is placed on developing and enhancing the desire to retrieve, from early puppy hood onward.
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Training Retriever's Alone DVD

Complete Training Kit!

Dennis Voigt has trained multiple Field Champions and won 3 National Championships while training alone the majority of the time. He hunts extensively with all of his dogs on both waterfowl and upland game. 2 DVD set includes over a 100 minutes of instruction and demonstration, a comprehensive manual.

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Whoa Dog Whoa DVD
Sit in on actual training sessions as Mark Payton teaches two different dogs the “Whoa” command.This DVD focuses soley on whoa-breaking and covers it in meticulous detail. Mark begins with the basics at the yard work level and progresses to the field introducing hunting conditions with distractions.
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