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20' Tangleproof Check Cord

This checkcord is made with a smooth finished, tightly woven, solid-core nylon rope made in 7/16'' diameter for sure grip. There is a sturdy, solid brass bolt snap attached with a snag-resistant rope clamp. This cord is incredibly strong and stiff and won’t stretch or get caught up on obstacles in the field. It also floats. This Tangleproof Checkcord is an invaluable training tool. This checkcord is 20 feet long and is available in orange or white.

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Our price: CA$28.99
Leather Feel Check Cord - 3/4"x20'
Our very popular 20ft. LeatherFeel check cords complement our Durasoft Hunt Collars. The New LeatherFeel check cords perform great in the field. High quality brass snap closures. Choose from orange or yellow.
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Our price: CA$31.99
Super Cord

It is called "Super" because of the excellent properties of the materials developed. No stretch, perfect stiffness, (it can be coiled), hard finish (designed not to pick up burs), and floats for water training. The perfect choice for trainers looking for the best in check cord performance. Available in 30' and 50' lengths.

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Our price: CA$29.99
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