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Brake Fast Bowl (Stainless Steel)
Helps reduce the risk of bloat, works with kibble or canned food, no-tip shape, durable, dishwasher safe plastic. Made in the United States. Stainless Steel, non tip bowl - medium size holds 5 cups.
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Our price: CA$21.99
Browning Insulated Crate Cover
This deluxe insulated crate cover is designed with all the bells and whistles to keep your canine both comfortable and secure on any field day. Made with strong, water-resistant 900D canvas fabric, this crate cover is both durable and easy-to-clean. Windows provide three levels of protection; rubber mesh windows for ventilation, a see-through plastic layer for wind insulation, and roll-away fabric flaps for complete coverage.
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Ear Tattoo Characters - 1/4"
Ear Tattoo Characters for the Ketchum 101 model pliers. These are 1/4" in height size and typically the most visible for most medium-large size breeds.
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Our price: CA$4.25
Ear Tattoo Number Digits 1/4"
SKU: ETN-14-0
Ear Tattoo Number Digits for the 101 model - 1/4". These are the most visible for most large dogs.
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Our price: CA$4.25
Heavy Duty Gun Dog House Door
The Gun Dog House Door is the only dog door you will ever need as it is backed with a lifetime warranty, even for chewing! Constructed from see-through plexiglass, aluminum hinges and hanging brackets, this door is weather tight and energy efficient so you can feel confident installing it in a wall or door leading into your house. This door is also great for kennels, dog houses and garages. This frame measures 12x16x20 inches, weighs 6 lbs. and fits dogs up to 120 lbs. Proudly made in Minnesota, USA.

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Hound Heater Furnace

Completely Re-designed, Thermostatically Controlled - Hound Heater!

This American-made product has been developed and improved over the last 25 years and is one of our favorites! Keep your hunting buddy warm and comfortable in his outdoor house in the winter with this safe and effective dog house heater. Made especially with shorthaired breeds such as pointers, hounds and beagles living up north in mind, this heater is cool to the touch on the bottom half, so it is safe for them to accidentally bump or lean up against. All corners are rounded for safety. Low, Medium or High thermostat settings let you control how much heat your dog receives between 32-80 degrees F.

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Ketchum Ear Tattooer Model 101
SKU: ETP-101
Most popular sizes for tattooing new born pigs (from 4 to 21 days of age), dogs, rabbits, goats, sheep, bears and other wildlife animals. Character size: 101-6mm (1/4"). Forceps hold up to 7 characters in one row. Fast / easy tattoo character change. Variety of sizes available to meet your needs. Comfort grip for easy long term use. Proven over decades of use. Characters specifically designed to produce easy to read tattoo. Strong spring for quick release.
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Our price: CA$54.99
Lovett's Heated Whelping Nest
Lovett's Heated Whelping Nest reduces mortality in newborn puppies, and produces healthier, more vigorous pups. Puppies cannot retain their own body temperature for the first week to 10 days of their lives. Since their ideal body temperature should be 96 to 100 degrees F, obviously supplemental heat is necessary. Now there are quite a number of heating aids on the market, but none that can maintain a constant, even temperature no matter what the surrounding environment.
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Nelson Water Bucket Heater
Heavy gauge, stainless steel bracket secures heater to bucket. Security chain snaps on fence and prevents heater cord from being pulled into dog run. Copper sheath protects cord from chewing. Works in all bucket types – metal, plastic and rubber, up to 5-gallon capacity. This unit is designed to keep ice out of a single bucket. If you’re tired of breaking ice, your worries are over – no matter how cold it gets! This unit out performs all comers!
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Our price: CA$89.99