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Mud River Cache Cushion

Perfect for travel or just around the house. Rolls up into small convenient roll with handles. Soft, plush bedding surface any dog will enjoy.

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Our price: CA$59.99
Mud River Crate Cushion

The Mud River Crate cushion is a perfect compliment to any crate or kennel. Soft and comfortable for any dog.

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Our price: CA$25.99
Market price: CA$35.99 save 28%

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Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover

The Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover has many features that will enhance a standard dog crate by protecting your dog from the cold and rain. When the temperature drops, the MicroLite3 insulation will supply thermal bliss. This cover has logically placed handles for ease of moving and strategically placed D-Rings make securing the crate in your truck a breeze. You will also find a tough and tumble rubber mesh over each window to ensure that air is dispensed properly and to secure a snug fit. For your extra gear, there are stash pockets on the side, rear and top. The bottom is a 2-ply infused, heavy duty, industrial grade poly designed to withstand years of use and it has a water resistant coating for protection in bad weather.

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Our price: CA$189.99
Market price: CA$229.99 save 17%
Mud River Renegade Travel Bowl

The Renegade Travel Bowl is perfect when on hunting trips or when you dont want to have to deal with hard bowls. Rolls up conveniently for storage.

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Our price: CA$21.99
Mud River Truck Seat Organizer

The Mud River Truck Seat Organizer is perfect for hunting. Easy storage and access to multiple guns and shells. Works well in any vehicle especially mini vans.

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Our price: CA$195.99
Market price: CA$219.99 save 11%
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