By far one of our biggest selling items here at Canadian Gun Dog Supply are custom engraved brass nameplates. These are high quality nameplates that we engrave and fasten to collars or send out separately. They can be a perfect complement to an existing collar or even an ecollar however we always like to give some “best practices” or suggestions when ordering these items.

Choose your engraving wisely:

All too often we see customer put things like this:

Dogs Name                     Dogs Name                     Dogs Name                    Dogs Name
Phone #                          Phone #                         Phone #                         Phone #
City/Province                   Please call I’m Lost         Email Address                 Address/City/Prov.

We always recommend NEVER putting dog’s name. Some people ask why? Well its “old school” thinking but all too often it still happens. Yes there ARE people out there that will simply keep your dog since they know its name. This is even more likely if it’s a pure bred dog. Also, things like address, city or even email are all irrelevant info and just take up valuable space. When someone finds a lost dog, the main thing they look for is a phone #. For this reason and to keep the fonts at a decent size here are some formats we recommend:

Try keeping it to maximum 3 lines overall (this will help keep fonts at a decent size)
Keep each line at maximum of 10-12 characters

Some great recommendations are as follows:

YOUR NAME             YOUR NAME                   YOUR NAME                    PHONE # 1                     PHONE # 1
Phone #                   Phone #                        Phone # 1                      PHONE # 2                     PHONE # 2
Call For Reward         Phone # 2                     Reward if Found

By keeping it simple and limiting the overall amount of lines, the engraving machine will keep fonts nice and large so they are clearly visible. You should also keep each line to a maximum of 10-12 characters, any more than that is risking the fonts being smaller and harder to read.

Phone #’s should preferably have voicemail and if you choose to put something like “Reward” be prepared to pay up in the event the dog is lost and then found.

Following these simple “best practices” on your custom engraved tags will ensure a speedy recovery of your lost dog.