Zinger Deluxe 4500

Zinger Deluxe 4500
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As a Deluxe model, the DX4500-2-FD is perfect for pets that require the extra security of an aluminum construction verses the typical plastic and wire crate. Of all the Zinger crates, the Deluxe line are by far the lightest: Making them the best choice for owners who have to move their crates often. While the Deluxe series are the least expensive Zinger crates available, make no mistake in their strength and durability. Like all Zinger crates, the Deluxe series is built to last. Our 4500 size crates are designed for medium-large sized dog breeds (Such as German Sheperds, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and your Bully breeds) and stands at 24" W x 30" H x 38" L. We recommend that when measuring you pet and choosing the appropriate size, consider adding a "Comfort" buffer between the dogs actual height and the height of your chosen crate. The DX4500-2-FD comes with 3 rows of ventilation holes along both the top and bottom of its non door and non barred sides. Our FD (Front Door) entry crates feature one door on the front side of the crate, with a standard back panel on the reverse. As with all Zinger doors, each door is completely reversible and can be opened from either the left or the right.

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