DT Systems Pheasant Bird Launcher (Complete System)

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The BL 709 Bird Launcher is a must for anyone looking to simulate real hunting situations in a controlled environment. Loading and Unloading birds for training your dog has been made simple with the revolutionary "Natural Flush Bird Launcher." DT Systems' "easy-load" trap door allows you to set the launcher, lock it in place and then load the bird- lowering the chance of losing the bird while trying to put him in the launcher. This feature also makes it easier to load multiple birds into the same launcher. The "Quiet Release" feature keeps from spooking your dog while still delivering a very strong launch. The large Scent Holes in this launcher permit good air flow so dogs have the advantage of plenty of scent to help them locate the bird. The Remote Natural Flush Bird Launcher allows you to control up to 16 self-programmable Bird Launchers from up to 700 yards away. A beeper attached to the remote launcher allows for quick and easy location with a touch of a button from your transmitter. At the end of your session, you can activate the beeper locator and pick up your launchers.

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